Locally Owned and Operated

The Lounge Coffee and Tea Bar was established in 2018 by Michael Salazar and his parents Ben and Carmen. Michael, a resident of Frisco, had a dream of opening a place where the neighborhoods of west Frisco could go and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea, while supporting local small businesses. Michael went to the best business partners he could think of, his family, and in March 2019, The Lounge Coffee and Tea Bar opened its doors.

Michael Salazar has years of experience in the coffee and tea industry, having worked for a very large coffee company and opening close to 14 of their locations.  Michael has also consulted with other coffee shops throughout Texas and he continues to grow his coffee knowledge.  

Michael recently started roasting his own coffee to explore all aspects of the coffee industry.  

Check out his blog to learn more about him and his journey in the coffee and tea world.

Hand-Crafted Espresso

You can’t rush great tasting espresso.  We believe your espresso needs the perfect balance between the quality of the beans, the precision of the machine, and the skill of the barista.

The Bean – The coffee we use for our espresso is a wonderful balance of caramelly sweetness with a bittersweet chocolate finish.

The Machine – We take time to calibrate our espresso machine multiple times a day.  We do this by weighing the freshly ground coffee, monitoring the time it takes to pull a perfect double shot, we weight the final output, and most importantly we taste the espresso to ensure it’s perfectly balanced. 

The Barista – Our talented baristas go through a detailed training program to ensure they know how to pull your espresso correctly.  They are taught how to use the espresso machine, what to look for when pulling a shot, and most importantly how a shot should taste. 

Local Supporting Local

One of our primary goals is to contribute to the local economy by supporting other small businesses. We do our best to source as much as possible from local small businesses. We work with talented bakers from across the area: we get fresh bagels daily from Bagel Fresh Deli in The Colony and macarons from Chelle’s Macarons in Richardson. We also pride ourselves in supporting local young entrepreneurs: Made by Anna D is a 15-year old entrepreneur that supplies us with creative and innovative Coffee Cuff sleeves and we were thrilled to be the first retail location for Groundify, a team of siblings (15 and 17 yrs old) that use our spent coffee grounds to create candles and skin care products. 


Giving Back

In April of 2021, we started working with The Nick Gonzales Foundation for Brain Tumor Research. This organization’s primary goal is to raise awareness and funds for brain tumor/cancer research. They provide grants to local researchers and doctors on the frontline fighting this terrible disease.

Learn more about how we began partnering with this wonderful organization by clicking here.