Our Coffee

Our goal is to sell some of the freshest and most flavorful cups and bags of coffee possible.

This is why we have worked with our roaster to feature our own line of coffee. Whether it’s the beans we use for our drip coffee, the blend we use for our espresso beverages, or the whole bean bagged coffee we sell, we strive to ensure quality is our top priority. We offer a wide variety of coffees to suit any palate. We have our signature blends and rotate in 1-2 single origin coffees each month to show how different coffee can be.

Signature Blends

The names of our Signature Blends are to honor my late father, a proud United States Air Force Veteran. 

Fresh Cup Every Time

Since we take so much pride sourcing our coffee, it only makes sense to treat each cup of coffee we make with the same level of pride. We grind our coffee fresh for each batch of coffee and after 10:30 am, we switch from batch brewing to single-cup pour over. It takes a little more time, but a fresh hot cup of coffee is worth every second.

  • Brewed Coffee

    Every morning we freshly grind and brew our signature line of coffee. We strive to serve a hot and fresh cup of coffee for you to enjoy.

  • Pour-Over

    If the coffee we have on our bar isn’t your “cup of coffee”, select from any of our other coffees and we will brew a cup just for you. We will brew your cup using a method of brewing called a pour-over. This method of brewing coffee produces a fresh, hot, and smooth cup of coffee.

  • French Press

    If you are looking for a more robust full-flavored cup of coffee, we can press you up some. This method of brewing coffee takes a little more time and it creates a wonderfully rich cup of coffee.